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Latest news from Masters-in-Science LLP:

BACPR Launches Online Standards and Core Components Course

The British Association of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR) has just launched its brand new fully online e-learning course which was developed by MIS. The BACPR have defined seven standards and seven core components in support of promoting high quality care in the provision of structured programmes for cardiovascular disease prevention and rehabilitation. This online course consists of 7 modules which cover the background and detail of each of the seven components. Click here to find out more information about this course.

Imperial College London Launches Multimedia Guide to Allergy - Series 1

Introducing an exciting new opportunity to gain online CME credits on major topics in Allergy through Imperial College, the world-leading centre of excellence for clinical practice, research and education in Allergy. This online Multimedia Guide to Allergy - Series 1 was developed by MIS and covers Mechanisms and Management of Food Allergy and Allergic Skin Disease. MIS are currently working with Imperial College London to produce Series 2 of the MMGA covering Diagnosis and Management of Allergic Airways Disease and Drug and Insect Allergy. This will be available later in 2014.

Click here to access further details about this online course.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC’s)

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC’s) are in the news. Making lecture recordings freely available online is useful to students searching for information, and is an excellent way for academic providers to market their high quality degree courses.

The next step up from MOOC’s is for academic institutions to offer carefully structured online courses where students’ knowledge can be assessed by the completion of multi-choice questionnaires to obtain learning credits, (eg, CME). Such courses can provide an excellent resource for those unable, through geographic, financial or professional pressures, to participate in formal academic degree programmes.

MIS is currently working with Imperial College on a Multi-Media Guide to Allergy - Series 2 which will be available to clinicians around the World, to be launched this autumn. We are excited to be taking medical education forward in an M-learning format that will be easily accessible from mobile devices, facilitating study at times and venues convenient to each student.

Congratulations to Itchy Sneezy Wheezy

Congratulations to Itchy Sneezy Wheezy, who were shortlisted for Child Health Team of the year by the British Medical Journal Improving Health Awards 2013. Masters-in-Science is delighted to have worked with ISW and to have used our specialist knowledge and technological innovation to this exciting programme, delivering high quality allergy care to children in North West London.

BACPR's Online Revalidation Assessment

The British Association of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation's (BACPR's) new online revalidation assessment process developed by Masters-in-Science is receiving accolades from satisfied students around the UK, praising the convenience and ease of use of the system:

‘Thank you for such a great learning experience … helped me focus my revision … very easy to access and navigate’

‘Really like the idea of the online revalidation. Very well put together and very easy to use’.

‘I think that this online revalidation is a big step forward, saving much time and money on travelling to a venue. Well done for such a smooth system.’

‘Really accessible assessment process. I have been able to sit my exam at a time to fit in with my other commitments, and haven’t had to travel to a venue miles away. Brilliant!’

‘The opportunity to do this all on line, at own pace and when convenient is very welcome. Also made the process much less stressful.’

Article: The advantages of e-learning and ROI

Check out our latest article on 'The advantages of e-learning and ROI'.

Click here to access it and see what benefits an e-learning programme could offer your organisation.

Return On Investment (ROI)

MIS has just developed its own e-learning ROI calculator to help you work out how our e-learning solutions can be cost effective for your organisation and create a great return on investment.

Try it out now by by clicking here.

Check out our Linkedin profile

MIS has updated its Linkedin profile with lots of new and exciting information. Please take a look and connect with us.

Free CME Allergy Programmes

MIS has developed a range of allergy CME programmes, which are freely available and accredited by The European Accreditation Council For CME (EACCME) for 1 CME credit each. Take at look and gain your CME credits today. Click here to access them.

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