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At MIS, we deliver bespoke e-learning solutions development. We specialise in:

What about the subject matter itself?

We specialise in the creation of medical content and have subject experts in-house who can develop your medical and specialist learning materials, and if needed, an entire course structure specifically to your requirements. We can also develop e-Learning materials on any subject matter required and can work closely with your course leader to create a bespoke e-learning solution to fit your organisation. Or, we can simply transform all your existing face-to-face learning materials and exam questions into a fully structured interactive e-learning course.

The choice is yours - that's what's great about bespoke e-learning!

How do we develop your bespoke e-learning?

We combine the talents of our content developers, project managers and instructional designers together with your subject matter experts to create a bespoke e-learning course which has been tailored specifically to your needs.

Our e-learning courses:

We design interactive learning objects that improve learner engagement. These include:

How to access your e-Learning?

There are several ways that we can make your e-Learning accessible. These include:

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